Children have the admirable quality of innocence. While adults are concerned about paying the bills and the daily stresses of life, a child still has the ability to see the beauty in the simple things.

Any parent or caregiver will agree that children also worry. It could be something temporary like the first day of school, or it could be something more serious like family issues, bullying or neglect.

It’s heartbreaking to see your little one suffering from worry and anxiety, but there are natural, lifestyle methods of soothing worries before we reach for pharmaceutical solutions. One of them is this worry doll book set created by Little Healing Hearts.

The story of the worry doll

In Guatemala, little handmade ‘worry dolls’ are made, and legend has it that if you tell your worries to the doll and place it under your pillow at night, by morning, you will be gifted with the wisdom to eliminate your troubles.

The story originates from a Mayan legend about a princess who was given a special gift from the sun god that allowed her to solve human problems that caused worry. The worry doll represents the princess.

Ideal for children

Given the intriguing story behind the worry doll, along with the fact that it’s usually created as a miniature doll, makes it ideal for little ones.

The dolls become an intimate ‘friend’, especially for those who have trouble sleeping. Children love stories and imaginative concepts, so naturally, they will love the idea of telling their personal worry doll all about their fears and worries, thus helping to overcome anxiety.

Even if a child does not feel comfortable expressing themselves to an adult yet, a worry doll can provide a confidential, non-threatening way of getting them to express their feelings and having some assurance that things will be ok.

This could eventually help them feel more secure talking to an adult about things that bother them.

A worry doll book set that promotes healing

Sleep Tight Worry Doll is a bedtime storybook created by Gold Coast author Amy Markham who initially wanted to create a solution to help her 9-year-old step-son. After seeing the success of a worry doll combined with this book, she was inspired to try and heal as many little hearts as possible across the world.

The worry doll book comes with a male or female handmade doll and helps children aged 3 to 10 to release their anxiety through the power of storytelling.

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