Life is full of uncertainties and worry is something we all experience from time to time, young or old.

For children in particular, they can find it hard to understand and articulate what they’re feeling and having a healthy outlet for their emotions can be very useful.

Little Healing Hearts has created a beautiful worry doll storybook to help children overcome anxiety.

In Guatemalan tradition, children are given little handmade worry dolls which they can confide in and keep under their pillows at night.

It’s a lovely soothing idea and makes for a perfect gift. Here are three reasons why we think this should be the new gifting trend this year.

A personal, magical story

There are two parts to the story behind this worry doll storybook.

The first part traces back to an ancient Mayan legend of a young girl (some stories say she was a princess) who had the special gift to heal any problem.

The worry doll represents her powers, and Guatemalan children share their troubles with these traditional dolls before they sleep at night, believing they will take their worries away.

Fast forward to today, Australian author and mother Amy Markham decided to make her own worry dolls combined with a bedtime story, at first to help her step-son, but it has now grown into an initiative that is helping children all over the world.

What better way to celebrate and share this personal story than by giving someone the gift of a Sleep Tight Worry Doll set?


When it comes to gifting ideas, we tend to be overwhelmed by the vast choices available to us.

For those of us who prefer conscious, mindful shopping, it can also be difficult to find gifts that carry a bit more meaning, as we don’t want to add to the waste or contribute to the polluting industry of consumerism.

This worry doll storybook collection is a wonderful idea since the doll is handmade, giving it a personalised touch, which is great in any gift.

To give a child a gift of a story and something that can ease their anxiety, even if just for a moment, is truly priceless.

It teaches them that worry is not something to be ashamed of or ignored but can be shared in confidence and dealt with when you feel stronger.


Finally, the worry doll storybook set is so finely crafted that it can last a lifetime if well-taken care of.

The doll is made of durable textiles, and the book has a lovely soft touch. It’s the kind of gift that can be passed down generations, bringing joy to your child and their children in the future.

Healing with the power of story

Sleep Tight Worry Doll is a bedtime storybook that was created by Gold Coast author Amy Markham who has the dream to heal as many little hearts as possible across the world.

The worry doll book comes with a male or female handmade doll and helps children aged 3 to 10 to release their anxiety through the power of storytelling.

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